Werner Powerhouse Paddle

Werner Powerhouse Paddle

Price: $250.00
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The Powerhouse offers amazing power and responsiveness needed for creek boating and river running. Full size blades are durable and lightweight. They are evenly balanced to create a clean catch that is immediately powerful and smooth throughout the entire stroke.

Premium Performance gives you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability.

Full-sized blades are ideal for well-conditioned paddlers; our largest premium river running blade shape.

Brightly colored translucent fiberglass laminate blades in Red or patterns.

Dihedral allows for smooth forward and directional paddling.

Custom shaped, low profile, reinforcement spine allows for enhanced blade maneuverability when linking several strokes and provides blade stiffness and overall strength.

Standard Shaft Size.  Other options are available - please call us at 800-376-7303 to special order.
Oversize shipping charges apply.