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Sierra South Electronic Gift Certificate

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The Sierra South Electronic Gift Certificate is perfect for the person who can't come into our cool river store in Kernville, CA. They can pick out something from our online store any time, any wear (pjs or ... haha!)
You can purchase an amount from $10 to $500 with no expiration date.  We will send your recipient a unique "gift card code" that they can use just like cash.  All they have to do is enter the code when they check out.  We will subtract the value of the gift certificate from their order total.  If they don't use it all in one purchase, the balance of the gift certificate will be saved until their next order.  If their order totals more than the gift certificate, they can pay the remainder with their credit card. 
If you would like an actual plastic card that can be used in our Kernville store for merchandise, raft trips or kayak classes, please order the Sierra South Gift Card.