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Orion Cooler 35

Price: $419.00
In Stock:Yes
Are you one of those people who will let a whim turn the usual day trip into an overnighter? Do you run in circles that occasionally result in an unexpected extra mouth to feed? The Orion 35 is the perfect cooler for  you. It’s worth noting that the extra volume in the 35 has been added laterally, giving it the lowest profile in the line. The stability of that broader footprint is nice to have if you’re one who uses his cooler as a casting platform, or stands on it when glassing the field. The right size when you need a little more, yet still manageable for one person going solo.
Good for fishing, canoe camping, kayak angling, small fish/game, air travel.
Height: 16.3 inches
Width: 23.8 inches
Depth: 17.8 inches
Weight: 26.8 pounds
Capacity: 35 quarts